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Summer 2021 Grades 3-8


Summer 2021 Grades 9-12


Summer 2021 Schedule (Chinese 中文)


Test Prep


With dramatic changes on the horizon for the SAT test, Top Scholar College Prep’s curriculum team is working overtime to craft new tests and create challenging strategy lessons. The New SAT features a heavy focus on text analysis and a renewed emphasis on the key Math and English skills necessary for success in college. New SAT Reading and Writing classes began in Spring 2015, and full test prep classes are happening now!


In our PSAT Program, middle school and high school students (7th to 10th grade) encounter a challenging regimen of academic vocabulary, useful grammar, in-depth reading, and critical writing, preparing them for the state’s Common Core testing, the PSAT, and other critical academic challenges ahead.


The ACT is a challenging test of students’ time management and endurance, one that demands smart, targeted preparation. We offer focused, experienced, and rigorous practice and coaching so that students can master every section and earn scores to impress.

Advanced Placement (AP)

Advanced Placement (AP) offers college-level exams to high school students. Our experienced instructors help students to understand subject material and to achieve high scores on exams. Students achieving a passing score (3, 4, or 5) may be granted advanced placement or course credit from universities.


Math classes at Top Scholar College Prep in Chino Hills are a great way to stay ahead of the curve! Our classes follow the local schools’ curriculum, including the new Common Core Initiative, while encouraging students to work at a faster pace to get ahead of their peers.

English Enrichment

Through comprehensive weekly lessons in vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, writing, critical thinking and good study habits, our friendly EEP instructors help elementary and middle school students (3rd to 7th grade) build a strong English foundation.

Writer’s workshop

Through the study of grammar and academic and creative writing methods aligned with the Common Core, Top Scholar College Prep’s Writer’s Workshop classes give students the extra help they need to gain mastery over written expression. Our writing teachers add a personal touch, inspiring students’ love for writing.


English-language learners get the opportunity to experience key components of language acquisition, such as phonics, reading comprehension, listening ability, and conversational skills. In our English-only classrooms, students venture out of their comfort zones and develop fluency in English.

college counseling

Our comprehensive college counseling program prepares high school students for success. Through one-on-one sessions with their own personal counselor, students will receive guidance with all aspects of the college application process including, managing their GPA, test preparation, extracurricular activities, college and major selection, personal statements, letters of recommendation, and interview coaching. Students will unlock their potential to achieve their academic goals. Contact us for more information.

Private tutoring

Students may choose to study in a private one-on-one setting. Teachers will identify the student’s individual learning needs and work with them to improve their skills in the subject.